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Same old / Difrent day

Well Okay... I have this plan see i am takeing my ex fianceys stuff up to ehr as some fo ti wa sleft at my house. and going tot ry to talk to her and maybe try and hook back up with her. All ym friends say i am stupid couse of how they say she treated me. but i realy want her back. she was a a vary important perosn to me and vary dear to ym heart... but i ahve bin tryog to get ehr back for nearl 5 months now and it works but doesnt...she comes back than elaves and it goes on liek that thou resintly it has just bina genrle considerationa nd willingness to try..at elast as far as i know. i dont know the whole thign has me nots see my friends wont be my friends anymore if i egt abck with her. and that hurts. and i dotn want to lose them cosue there realy good friends...well most of them. but at the same time i want her back so mutch it hurts. i just dont know what to do. I know she ahs a boy friend and all but maybe i mite have a chance at winning her back but that emans i am stealing her form hima dn he is a good guy and if she is happy with him who am i to tare it a part or mutchless try. but at the same time isnt ignoreing my heart just as bad. i dont know ia m in circles and it hurts alot any one have a sugestion.
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