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About three months ago, my boyfriend of five years broke up with me. I didn't give him a hard time about it, as I had been having similar thoughts; but it was still hard, he was my best friend. As upset as I was on the inside, I agreed to take it like a woman, and remain friends with him.
This idea worked well until 2 weeks later, when I discovered he already had a new girlfriend. I guess normally, this wouldn't be so bad, except that: his main reason for dumping me was that he didn't want a girlfriend anymore. He told me he wanted to be "free" and not have to answer to anyone. Being that 5 years is a long relationship for anyone, nevermind a 22-year old, I understood, or so I thought. And now he is with someone new, in a 2 1/2 month relationship and we have been broken up for three months.

So I guess my question is this:
I have been thinking that maybe he met this girl before he broke up with me. I mean, I find it odd that it took him such a short time to find someone new, considering his reasoning, and the fact that I have been having such a hard time meeting people! The thought has really been bothering me, and I really want to ask him if he dumped me to be with her. But it will end our friendship--I don't think I could take it if it were true. And if it isn't, he may become offended that I could think such a thing and not want to speak to me either. So I imagine that I am screwed either way, but I can't stop thinking about how he could have betrayed me right under my nose. What should I do?
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