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And yet another thing goes wrong.......

Okay so me and this guy are pretty much dating..... he likes me and I like him right? nothing could go wrong. Except my freind likes him, and this girl always seems to always like the guy i like and so none of us go for him, the guy i'm pretty much dating and I have had a thing for a year. And my freind has a crush on him, i don't mind but I dcan't date him while she likes him thats happened before and I don't like it. So should I wait till she stops liking him or what?? Please post

Thanks all,
- lisa
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You clearly shouldn't stop dating him just because your friend has a crush on him. Do you have a committment with him, where he has agreed that you aren't seeing other people? Even if you don't, common 'girlfriend rules' suggest that she is not allowed to date him, since you are still doing so, but it would be wrong for her to ask you to stop dating him so late in the game. What, 'I think your boyfriend isn't a total loser after all, so you should break up'? She may or may not stop liking him, and it isn't how she feels that is important, it's what she does. If you trust her not to encourage him to cheat on you, and you trust him not to cheat on you, you're fine. If you don't trust her not to cheat, then your issue with her is really one that waiting to date him wouldn't fix. I don't know why you don't like dating someone she likes, but if you can't find a way to deal with it, then it will come between you two eventually, unless you never ever date.
Well I am not really dating him, but if we do start to date i know he won't cheat on me, Thanks
I think this is a case of 'brown crayon syndrome' - your friend wants what you have. You said your friend always likes the guys you like. I think its a matter of your friend wanting what she can't have. You've already built up a relationship with this guy, you shouldn't have to give up all your hard work just because another friend has a crush.
No problem...go ahead and like him and don't worry about your friend. Why does she get him and not you?
with everyone else. Just tell your friend how it is: "You always like the people I like, so I am going out with this guy, I hope we can still be friends"... or whatever.

If you friend isn't dating him, then there is no need to worry.

Life is too short...
I never let people in my life control my relationships with other people.