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Okay now i ahve no clue what si going on. Me and krystel were doing fine. on tuesday she almost got into a car acsident and what rely upset and she hung out wiht ravynblackheart. One of ehre xses she fell asleep In his bed and woke up without him in the bed and she freaked otu couse she had to be home and left for home got home ont ime. the enxt day we talked ont he ohone and thigns were good. chatted a little online told here about work and she seemed upset about somethng and i tried to figure otuw hat it was and she said nothing take it at face value. and ia sked hwta it pretained to aske dif it had to do with me or her and she said no said does it ahve to dow itht he raltionship and she said no. I aske dif it was a big deal would she tell me and she said yes. ia sked how her animles were she said fine i asked hwo thigns were with her mom she said ehhh ia sk di thats waht si wrong she said partaily. i was liek what shedo she said nothign is aid just tell me she said well youc an read my lj about it. i said okay i;lld ot hat btu whyd otny out ell me she said nah. than we talked somemroe and laughed and she gigled. and it was fun than ia ske dher to call em before she went to slee she said okay if i dotn forget so is aid please tyr not to and we got into a little argument about her being busy and nto emanign to forget and is aid i udnerstandand she hung up. so i lyed down and and ebfor ei fele asleep about 1 horu later i got online and found out that she was going away for awile and saw this

Goodbye everyone. I'm going away for a little while. I'm not sure how long though. All I know is that it's for the best. Dont try to call or email, I wont want to talk or write back. I'm glad to know you're all there for me, but i need to find a way to be there for myself. Perhaps I will see some of you around again. If not, I love you, and i'm glad we were friends. Things will get better, it just will take awhile. Dont worry. everything will be fine in the end. I promise. :)

so i freakout and tried to call ehr. i eman how is she goign away for awile and eyt tell me she was going to see me friday it didnt make sens e so i tried and tried ot get ahold of ehr and stil am. and no repsonse yet. she mite be at work thou. and than this mornign i check my lj and find coments liek this

dude, she's not your sweetie, why the hell are you deulding yourself into thinking that things are going to be just peachy with you two? Oh, and I heard what you said about you not thinking that Kit will be safe over here and that you should take care of her. Take it up with me, ok psycho?

or liek this

There is no "him and Krystle." It's just him, Krystle was sick of his shit

WITCH AMKES NOS ENSE WHY WOULD EM AND HER BE FINE. OBVIOUSLY FINE. for the last days and than bam in oen horu all of it change. why. i dont know what the hell is going on anyore. i wish someone would tell me. please somebody tell em whats going on. I feel like i am a fish out of water. i feel lost and alone. pelase somebody tell what si goign on or help me out. please.

her eis whats he has said resintly in her lj

ok. my mom had OFFICIALLY lost it. she told me tonight that she's calling therapists tomorrow, and we argued for a while about anti depressants and what they do to ppl. she's thinks that they dont do anything to ppl and that they're safe and so i told her where i'm 18 i'm an adult and dont have to go and she's all 'well if you wont do it voluntarily we can always do it involuntarily and have you put on a 72 hour watch' I dunno what to fucking do now. I really just wanna run away. i know that wont fix anything but atleast it'll get me away from her. as soon as i get enough money i'm gone for california. I dont care how many jobs i have to work, I'll do it. as long as i can get away and never have to look back!

I dunno what's going on right now. I'm not putting details because i'm hoping to forget this day even happened. After work i spent the evening with ravyn, which cheered me up immensely esp. when his mom gave me the ok for my kitty to live there for a while. I dont know what i would do without them. ravyn's my best friend and his mom is my second mother.
It was weird but reggie was right again. I talked to him tonight and he said that around 8 - 815 my mood would change for the better. i doubted it although i dont know why because his last vague prophecy was true. sure enough while watching a stupid flash movie and laughing my ass off i looked at the time and it was 810. I was speechless for a moment but i'm still gonna call him tomorrow and let him know. lol.
once again being alone has me thinking.. which isnt good. *sigh* i can't wait to see my baby kitty tomorrow. i miss her soo much! tomorrow had better be better or i seriously... seriously have no idea what to do.

and nwo i have tried calling and calling and ic ant get ahold of her and i ahve no clue what is going on at all. help someone. pelase.
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