-Frost- (thevampireluced) wrote in askbelldandy,

well okay firt of hello. knowing me youl guy will probibly be heraing alo of qustions form me and also in som caes geting alot of help. feel fre to ask me something or rpely to anything isay.

next s ym problemis that i am in lvoe wiht This irl we were together for sevrale motnhs. i want to marry this girl. sh is the lvo of ym life. btu htings got otu of hand we btoh ahd are problems and we ahd a fight. iw ill jut ay it got bad. but after word iw ent ot jail. she contcat em and wnated to ebw ith em and we tlake dand decidd to work thrw thign than we were borken up than abck on again this went onf or the last month. so a few days ago (about a wek afters he told em i nevr evr have a hcance wiht ehr gaian and she is in lvo wih a enw this giy tim) she akf or em back. i ofocurse aid es it was what i anted...he asked me if i ahd thought ata ll abotu atieng anyone and ia dmited ot ahving thought baout dateing but mostly to fill th opvid of miing her o abdly. oyu know looking fo a rbeound girl. and ia hd put a perosnel up. out of desperation to fillt hat painful void...btu int he end i felt worng a thought i ahd cheetd on emi and done somehting horirble. an she was liek okaya dnw were greta than she ask if sh cna see th eperosnle and thrw the no i want it gone and begging to se eit i gave in. and sent her the tlink withc was a paint o fin. so she brakes upw ith em after looking at and nwos ays she doesnt l;ove me liek that any more an this hrits so mutch...i there anythign ic an dot ow in ehr back.

iw ant ehr back so mutch. i lvoe her...and it hink we cna work threw the problems. she seems to be mor ocntent wiht just ebignw ith tim.(who she otld em she didnt relay lvoe and wa jst kidna tellign em that btu wno decides she does lvoe him)
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